Bresaola of Asiago

Refined and strong taste, the Bresaola of Asiago is a delicious sausage that can be tasted in simplicity, as a starter or accompanied by our fine mountain cheeses.

To enhance its unique flavor, we propose with croutons smeared with special butter, or in combination with rocket and Parmesan.

Bresaola di Asiago is produced on our farm with the best meat of our cattle, according to a traditional recipe of our family, which gives it a taste able to conquer even the most refined palates.

You'll be amazed too by its unique and sophisticated flavor!


Taste and tradition

Il sapore della Bresaola of Asiago is the flavour of the tradition: tasting it, enjoy the rich taste of the meat of our cows, bred with traditional and natural methods, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Asiago plateau.

The taste of our bresaola is unique, because the result of a local production that respects the environment and the rhythms of the seasons, paying particular attention to biodiversity.