The homemade ice cream

Taste and creamy texture: the artisan of our production is the perfect combination between the rich flavor of milk from our cows and the pleasantness of a creamy consistency.

Served with a waterfall of berries is the perfect dessert for your lunch and your dinners on the farm; fresh and tasty, is also ideal for a refreshing break during hot summer afternoons.


Made with milk from our cows

The secret of the rich, room-filling taste of our ice cream? Our cows, of course!

Fed with hay produced by us, our cows produce, in fact, high quality milk, which gives rise to an ice cream tasty and nutritious.

Once milked, our milk is brought to the dairy Pennar, which works and turns it into many other products of the highest quality, D.O.P. like yogurt, butter and cheeses, including the famous Asiago cheese.