The name and location:
an ancient place name

The first citations date from documents of the period from 1499 to 1505, when the district was called "Casorda". Later also called Chasorda, Cassorda and Cassurda, the name underwent small mutations over time; Today the official place name is "Cassordar", with the final "r" due to the ancient Cimbrian language that was spoken on the plateau until the beginning of the last century.

In cimbro "Cassordar" would mean literally "one who comes from Ca' Sorda'.


Probably the origin is due to a name given by the first residents of the neighboring district then called Callahan, which identified the first building with the name "Home Deaf" or "Ca' Sorda', this being a building placed in peaceful and separated from the other country, the" Val Lara ".

"Deaf" because it protected by a hill that keeps every noise, then isolated by sounds or voices.